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March 15th

The following are the case studies and patient logs for patients 84092-84356 at Friends Hospital a.k.a. The Asylum for Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason as of 2010-3-15

by Toshinobu M. Nakamura

Patient 84092, N.Q. is proving troublesome. She is showing more self-destructive tendencies, a drug regiment may need to be implemented along with psychotherapy.

D.K. is a troubling case. He is a habitual liar, but is very bad at it. He keeps on claiming to be Glen A. Larson, the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica. perhaps a second personality manifesting. More time with the patient is needed.

Patient 84481, P.R. is experiencing temporal lobe seizures. This has manifested as a feeling of divinity in everything. Combined with the fact that he is paranoid schizophrenic is a cause of concern. His temporal lobe seizures cause him to find significance in everything he sees, a sort of divinity to the entire world. But now with his paranoid schizophrenia he sees omens of an impending apocalypse everywhere. I will attempt to use standard treatment, but as of yet treatment has yielded few results. Electroconvulsive therapy may be implemented if treatments attempts prove unfruitful.

The case of patient 84356, A.S.. She is very attractive, but this beauty is the root of many of her psychoses. She experienced some trauma, when she was admitted there was no record of what happened. her facial expression is disengaged, similar to the “thousand-yard stare” that manifested in many veterans of the Vietnam conflict. When she speaks it is not coherent. Perhaps there is something to be gleaned from the brief moments of when she speaks, but I have yet to find anything revealing. More observation is required.

Patient 84287, A.C. is high functioning autistic. extended time with him has proven fruitful. I have gained his trust and I hope to use this relationship to gain the trust of the other autistic children.

There is one more patient that I am going to be meeting with shortly with some of the most dangerous patients at Friends Hospital. He is very violent, but the reasons for his violence are unknown. There is little in his patient history and he is a puzzlement. The patient is so dangerous that I will be bringing 4 orderlies with me.


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