Corrupted and Content

Post 002

March 22nd

The following are the case studies and patient logs for patients 84092-84356 at Friends Hospital a.k.a. The Asylum for Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason as of 2010-3-22

by Toshinobu M. Nakamura

My fears about patient 84092,N.Q. have come to be. She has gone and gotten herself hurt. Her injuries are being seen to; soon I will have implement a new course of treatment

D.K. has had a bad week. On 3-16 A.S. tried to cheer him up by decorating his bed. This did not go well. D.K. and A.S. have been temporarily separated until D.K. has settled down.

Patient 84481, P.R.’s temporal lobe seizures have grown more intense, I have sent him away for a consult from a friend at Johns Hopkins hospital.

The case of patient 84356, A.S. is still incoherent, although her attempted act of kindness is promising, even if it was destructive.

Patient 84287, A.C. and I had a short period where we disconnected from each other, but he has given me a second chance. He has allowed me to take him to the Pharmacy to try a new treatment.

The high-risk patient I was giving a consult for proved to be quite a handful. Two of the orderlies were injured, One was nearly beaten to death but the other two orderlies successfully sedated the patient. However the dosage administered was too high. We defibrilated the patient but to no avail. Although the death of the patient is regrettable, I stand by the actions taken by the orderlies in an attempt to save the life.

Finally there was a new patient, M.P., who has undergone some severe mental trauma. He has symptoms of PTSD and I will pursue treatment for this little boy to the best of my abilities.


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