Corrupted and Content

Post 003

March 24th

The following are the case studies and patient logs for patients 84092-84356 at Friends Hospital a.k.a. The Asylum for Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason as of 2010-3-22

by Toshinobu M. Nakamura

patient 84092 has had no change in her condition.

D.K. is still suffering from last weeks’ ordeal. He tried to pull the fire alarm the other day. No doubt he got the idea from watching all of that television. He also has started calling me a cylon… I will have to look into what he means exactly from that.

Patient 84481, P.R. is due back from Johns Hopkins today, I look forward to him joining us once more

A new patient has been transferred to my care B.M.. I took him to the museum today and he had a panic attack which resulted in him jumping into the Dinosaur display. I tried talking him down, but before I could convince him to leave the display he was Tazered by a police officer. Whatever progress that had been made before he was put into my care has been undone. I will have to start all over again

I will be brought in for a consult for a severe burn victim. He is still in intensive care but the powers-that-be have decided that we should start trying to treat his mental trauma at the same time as his physical trauma.


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