Corrupted and Content

Post 004

March 28th

The following are the case studies and patient logs for patients 84092-84356 at Friends Hospital a.k.a. The Asylum for Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason as of 2010-3-22

by Toshinobu M. Nakamura

Patient D.K. has taken up almost all of my time this past week. His multiple personalities were gaining dominance and his normal self was disappearing. I had to take him into my care. It seems that in addition to thinking he is Glen A. Larson, executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, a new personality has appeared. This personality is nothing but ill intent, voicing all of D.K.’s innermost feelings of hate. Perhaps the most troubling thing about this new personality is I cannot tell when D.K. is in control or this doppelganger. In light of this new development I entered D.K. into a new experimental drug trial that seems to have worked in some capacity. There seems to only be one personality now, but D.K. is very upset with me for getting rid of his other self and I am unsure which personality remains and which one was removed.


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