Salvatore Margari

Monsignor to His Eminence


Virtue: Faith

Vice: Sloth

Relevant Merits and Skills:

Academics (Religion): 9 dice

Expression (Sermons): 7 dice

Politics (the Church): 9 dice

Status 3 (the Church)

Resources 4

Allies 3 (the Church)

Contacts 2 (North Philly)


The Monsignor is not a perfect man. He has struggled to keep the works of the Holy Mother Church alive in the face of grinding poverty and rampant disillusionment in the streets of North Philadelphia. Faced with overwhelming odds and strange setbacks, Salvatore has been forced to close a few churches and cut back on Church services in North Philadelphia. The eviction of homeless people from a shuttered church pained him greatly, and he still questions whether the Church made the right decision in forcing them from shelter. A deep weariness has set into his Grace, a weariness that might be exploited by those more strident members of the faithful. Those members who would carry the light of Christ where the monsignor would not go…

Salvatore Margari

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