Royden Grivois

Powerful Lucifuge Hunter on a trophy hunt


If you hunt with Lucy, you’re probably after redemption. You probably go about in a general way, just trying to kill as many monsters, save as many lives, and do as much good as possible. You hope someday that your deeds will redeem your parentage, but you know the day will probably never come. This is why Mssr. Royden Grivois doesn’t show up at your meetings.

See, ole Royden knows exactly what he needs to do to win back his family’s souls, and he’s damn close to doing it.

It all started with his gramps, way back in the day. He was a young priest, gone out to Oklahoma to do the Lord’s work converting some of the Injuns, a righteous man. But there was a demon hiding in the camp, in the form of a beautiful Indian girl, and it overpowered him with its charms and forced him to mate with it. It got pregnant, of course, and even though he had promised his life to the Lord, Leon Grivois was an honorable man. He took what he thought was a girl back to New Orleans, put her in his family’s estate, and tried to make her as respectable a wife as he could. He didn’t find out what she really was until their son, Phillip, was almost 16 and started showing powers. The first time he saw it, he rushed the boy to the cathedral, he thought he was a miracle worker, but the church set him right. They told him the boy was an abomination, witchbreed, demon blood in ‘em. They told him that, if he served the Holy Father, he would take the boy out into the swamp and burn him before the eyes of the Lord, along with his demon mother. Leon didn’t have a lot of trouble with the second part there, she went up quick, and he made sure she was awake while she did. But he couldn’t kill his son. But he wasn’t going to let the boy run amok like the demon he was. Leon had never seen a problem with a child that couldn’t be fixed with whippings and discipline, and this was no different. It’d just take more.

Phillip Grivois grew up out in that swamp, practicing everyday, working everyday. He had power, he could feel it, and his pop said it was from the devil, but that he could make him into a workhorse for the Lord. So almost ten years in the swamp, nothing but training and working and fighting whatever demons they had up those parts, and his daddy finally lets him go back to the city for supplies. But he isn’t planning on coming back. He books a ship, makes it up to New York, bums all around the east coast, even having a son of his own, before finally wandering back on down to New Orleans knowing that all he’s good at is killing monsters and a baby boy on his back. Leon took him back, of course, prodigal son and what not, but it weren’t never the same between them again. The old man already had his eyes on the next generation.

On his tenth birthday, Royden’s grandpa woke him real early and real quiet, and told im to come with him. Royden adored his gramps, he didn’t need to tell him twice. They got on the fanboat without waking up Phillip, and off they went, deep into the swamp, the the parts the little boy was always told to avoid. They finally got to where they were going, on old oak sticking up from the water with a treehouse in it. Royden knew they were here to see the witch-women, he’d always heard about her, she was supposed to be real powerful. When they got in, she did a bunch of stuff he couldn’t remember, said a bunch of stuff he couldn’t understand, and burned some stuff he wished she didn’t. when she was done, she took his gramps aside and gave him the rosary beads off her neck, and a piece of paper, then made it clear they had to get out quick-like. On the way back, Leon explained the list; if Royden could replace every bead with a specific trophy from a specific monster, he could win back his soul, and he had the list of targets. Royden had never been happier.

His daddy was waiting for them at the docks when they go back, and from the look on his face, he knew exactly where they’d been. He screamed at Leon, Leon screamed back, there was a push, then a bright flash of light, and Leon was dead. It wasn’t exactly out of the blue, his momma burning had never exactly sit well with Phil. But it meant it was time to change. First thing in the morning, him and his son were packing up and heading out, finding some new life.

Philip Grivois never made it to that next morning. His gramps had told Royden what to do if this kinda thing happened, and he did it. His daddy was powerful, but he was quick and quiet with the kitchen knife, his daddy never even woke up.

20 some years later, Roy Grivois is a name hunters need to know. Lucy knows about him international, he’s a legend with their kind. No one really knows what he’s doing up in Philadelphia, but he’s been there for going on 5 years, so it must be one of his trophies, and it must be a big one. The local hunters know him, and know he’s an asset: if you’re desperate, ain’t no human with power like Roy. But you gotta be desperate, cause his price is always the same, one favor, to be cashed in his hour of need, no exceptions. With no one knowing what scheme he’s up to, and no one willing to face a disappointed Roy, that’s a pretty steep price.

Royden Grivois

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