Second Chances

Pawn Shop/Safehouse


Safehouse (size): 2 (A large apartment or small family home; three to four rooms: 2 floors, 1st floor: Store front, Storage space, 2nd floor: Training space, Make-shift bedroom)

Safehouse (secrecy): 2 (Some effort towards conealment; purchased through an assumed name in cash. Provides -2 penalty to attempts to find the cell)

Safehouse (cache): 1 (Hidden safe near the register, holds 5 size worth of goods, provides -5 on searches to find items in it. Current contents: Generic Pump-Action Shotgun (2), External hard drive (1). 2 capacity remaining.)

Safehouse (traps): 1 (Electrified door handle to stairs to second floor. 1 point of lethal damage to anyone who touches the door handle)


A solidly built but worn former grocery store in Yakuza territory, Second Chances is the front for a new Philadelphia Hunter cell. Rumor has it that these are the guys that scrappled Jack Cross. The clerk is some guy calling himself Vidal Alejandre, claims to be a Spaniard, its not clear if he’s with the cell or not.

Second Chances

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