Censer of The Mother's Blood

Blessed Censer


The Censer of the Mother’s Blood exacts a steep price from those who would wield it. In order to activate any of its abilities the wielder must bind with the relic. This process requires the expenditure of a willpower dot. Further, only one person may be bound to the censer at a time, so long as its owner survives no other may bind with it.

The Censer of the Mother’s Blood allows its owner to trade his own health for power. The cost of the object is high: it demands pain from the wielder in exchange for enhancing them in some manner. Activating the censer causes Stigmata to appear on the hands of its wielder. This Power can only be used once per chapter (game session).

Cost: Each point of lethal damage equates to a +2 bonus to Presence up to a maximum of two points.

Dice Pool: No dice pool necessary. The expenditure of one’s own Health is enough to stir the Power and confer the benefit.

This exchange only works for a single action, and that action must take place within five minutes of the object’s activation or the damage suffered is taken with no benefit gained. Once the Presence bonus is used one time (or at the end of five minutes, whichever comes first), to regain it the exchange must be made again, with new pain and injury suffered atop the prior damage.

Furthermore, the censer can harm any non-physical creature hiding in this world such as ghosts, spirits or any other presence unseen by the mortal eye as if it was a physical creature. When drawn against a Twilight entity in an Ephemeral Attack, the censer’s the damage is 2(L). The censer needn’t be wielded like a weapon, but instead provides it’s own “damage” capabilities that extend only to Twilight entities. A character doesn’t swing it at the head of an invisible entity. Instead, the character makes a Presence + Occult roll with a +2 bonus from the 2(L) damage modifier (A speciality in Exorcisms applies as well). Success indicates that the censer shines a bright and damaging light to Twilight entities. Said light would not attack non-Twilight creatures, and the Power does not increase the censer’s ability as a mundane weapon; if swung against a foe, it is, at best, an improvised weapon.

If a character is uncertain as to the creature’s location (and he may not be certain, given that Twilight creatures are invisible), assume the Fighting Blind rules (pp. 166-167, World of Darkness Rulebook) apply.

This Power harms ghosts or spirits hidden in Twilight, as well as any creatures concealed in a state of Twilight. Some creatures turn invisible but do not enter Twilight – any weapon can hurt such creatures (such as an Obfuscated vampire), and do not require this Power to bring them harm. Its supernatural attack affects only creatures in Twilight.

This Power lasts for one scene.

Cost: 1 Willpower, but it also requires the user to smear blood in the censer (it needn’t be his own).

Dice Pool: No roll necessary


Padre Martin Rodriguez wields a blessed censer against the forces of Satan, one which he personally filled with blood from the Bleeding statue of Mary in Chile. The ritual appeared to steal years of the young padre’s life, but it has served him well, banishing uncounted minions of the Devil from this world.

Censer of The Mother's Blood

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