Summerthorn, The Unconquered Sun

Fey-Touched Rapier

weapon (melee)

Summerthorn, The Unconquered Sun, actually constitutes two related relics, both the blade itself and its sheath.

The blade Summerthorn, when activated, grants its wielder the 8-Again bonus on weaponry rolls with the blade as the Fae-touched rapier is drawn towards vital areas. This bonus lasts for 1 scene and can be activated only once per day.

Cost: 2 Willpower, No roll. Additionally, the wielder takes 2 points of lethal damage as some part of their body is covered in 2nd degree burns.

The sheath grants its owner the ability to shrug off even the most deadly of blows. Deadly damage doesn’t affect the character. Bullets hit him and drop to the ground below. A blade fails to cut his skin. A car crushed in an accident shudders and shakes as the character extracts himself from the tangled mess – with nary a scratch on him. The character is immune to normal bashing, and in the process all lethal damage is downgraded to bashing damage (which the character takes, for he is not immune to this lessened damage, though it heals as normal). This charm is active for a number of turns equal to successes gained. In addition, when the charm is activated, on any roll other than an exceptional success the next failure rolled by the character is downgraded to a dramatic failure.

Cost: 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Wits + Survival

Dramatic Failure: The charm backfires. The character suffers a sudden migraine headache, and for the remainder of the scene suffers a -2 penalty to all Physical and Mental rolls.

Failure: The charm fails to provide its protection.

Success: As described above. Note that each charm can provide its benefit only once per chapter (game session).

Exceptional Success: As above, but the charm also transfers an extra hardiness to the character, granting him +1 Health for the remainder of the scene.


Summerthorn, The Unconquered Sun was forged in Arcadia by the Fae. At some point it fell under the possession of Lilith Thorn, who included it in a costume for Dylan Kent to wear to the Vampire’s court.

Summerthorn, The Unconquered Sun

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