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  • Arkady Soloviev

    Arkady Soloviev is a Russian national who served as an assassin for the Russian Mafia back in the Motherland. One night as she was striking a member of parliament he grabbed her and jumped from a second story window in his home. On the way down the full …

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant appears as a shambling, desiccated corpse wrapped in soiled linen bandages. Underneath the bandages, the rest of the body is extremely well preserved, but is entirely dried out. The eyes are red, and glow in the dark. The Mummy has some kind …

  • Lilith Thorn

    Her true name is as unknown as her intentions, but she is [[:dylankent | Dylan Kent's]] Fairy Godmother now, whatever that means; and he owes her a favor.

  • Kelsey Skates

    Kelsey Skates was ghouled by former Prince [[:jonathon-c-ellison | Jonathon C. Ellison]], but after he was deposed she found a new source of vitae in [[:84148 | Rex Ortiz]]. She serves him, but is it willingly or not?

  • Semiazas

    Semiazas, the General of Fallen Angels in the army of Hell, was summoned to Earth by the coven of [[:jade-senders | Jade Senders]] through the steadfast resistance of [[:84481 | Father Peter Radcliffe]] and his cell.