March 2010

3/12Out Of The Frying Pan… (Part 1) IN WHICH Dylan Kent meets his first hunters.

3/15Give Us This Day… IN WHICH Father Peter Radcliffe prepares to do battle with a werewolf and the spirit it defends.

3/15Post 001 IN WHICH Toshi Nakamura provides a “patient history” for the cast so far.

3/16Four Rounds and a Sedan IN WHICH Dylan Kent comes to grips with the killing of Jack Cross.

3/16Blood and Broken Glass IN WHICH Peter Radcliffe seeks solace from the necessary evils of the vigil.

3/22Post 002 IN WHICH Toshi Nakamura continues his coded grant proposals.

3/24Post 003 IN WHICH Toshi Nakamura writes up his initial analysis of The Revenant.

3/25Therefore Put on the Full Armor of God IN WHICH Peter Radcliffe resolves “not to bring peace, but to bring the sword.”

3/27The Gnostic Dialogues IN WHICH Peter Radcliffe reflects on the consequences of Dylan’s deal with Lilith Thorn.

3/28Post 004 IN WHICH Toshi Nakamura discusses Dylan and his fetch.

3/29Man’s Inhumanity to… Man? IN WHICH Dylan’s mind wanders during his vivisection, and he is saved by The Lily Amongst the Thorns.

March 2010

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