Every city has its own slang, and Philadelphia is no exception. Here are some local idioms that might be useful to Hunters from out of town.

Abe, The Abe: The Ashwood Abbey.

Candle Compact: The Chestnut Street Compact

Grounder: A walking corpse or zombie; sometimes applied to Vampires.

Goat: A ghost or spirit. Likely began as “ghost” spoken with a Philly accent, but now used by Philadelphia hunters as a deliberately distinct term.

Inky: Local newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jeezo: Hunter with a strident religious, usually Christian, outlook. (i.e. Malleus Maleficarum)

Lucy: The Lucifuge.

Misty: Null Mysteriis.

Netzo: Network Zero.

Presto: A mage; sometimes applied to any supernatural being with overt magical abilities.

Phene: Philadelphia Extra-Normal Entity. A Task Force: VALKYRIE term some
other hunters have picked up.

Scrapple: To put down a monster with overwhelming force. (See Four Rounds and a Sedan)

Shaggy: A werewolf, or any animalistic monster.

“There’s That News Van Again”: Warning that a communication channel is not secure, or that someone in the vicinity may overhear sensitive information. From an old advertisement promoting a local TV news show.

Unicorn: A term which refers to a monster the speaker doesn’t believe exists, or a suspected monster the speaker believes is just an ordinary person. (“When are we gonna stop wasting time watching this unicorn?”)

Wit, Witout: Among the general public, a term for ordering cheesesteaks (e.g. a cheesesteak “wit” = with onions). Among Hunters, a way of describing an area as under supernatural threat or not. (“Be careful going down that alley, this whole block is wit.” “Relax, the cemetery’s been witout since those Jeezos blew through here last month.”)


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