Every time I hear that howl, I have to pray hard not to crumple like a cup and piss my pants. You’ll know it, too, when you hear it.

Werewolves have walked among men since the dawn of time. They hunt in the shadows, stalking human prey and bringing it down with tooth and claw. Though these werewolves can wear the skins of man and wolf, only in their twisted hybrid form is their true nature revealed. This wolf-headed form combines incredible muscle with sharp teeth and deadly claws, and only the rare human lives to describe what he saw. A werewolf is a consummate predator even in his human guise, and other people notice the air of danger that surrounds him. While most myths concerning werewolves place them in the wild places where humans don’t tread, those myths are false. Most cities have a number of packs of werewolves walking their streets, looking for someone to hunt.

players’ notes

Toshi: “an orderly had to apply a quadruple dose of the sedative to subdue the patient. After that, the patient practically transformed, leaving no trace of his alternate self.”

Peter: “The wolf-creatures seem split into two selves. One allows for reason and embodies their human side. The other operates one rage and instinct, and a violence like demons or forces of nature. Are they in conflict, or merely two sides of the same coin?”

Dylan: “People with power, nothing else. Like most people with power, they don’t use it help orphans and save the world. Revolution is coming, though.”


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