Game Date: April 27th, 2010

March 2010- Season 1

3/12 Out Of The Frying Pan… IN WHICH Dylan Kent meets his first hunters.

3/15 Give Us This Day… IN WHICH Father Peter Radcliffe prepares to do battle with a werewolf and the spirit it defends.

3/15 Post 001 IN WHICH Toshi Nakamura provides a “patient history” for the cast so far.

3/16Four Rounds and a Sedan IN WHICH Dylan Kent comes to grips with the killing of Jack Cross.

3/16Blood and Broken Glass IN WHICH Peter Radcliffe seeks solace from the necessary evils of the vigil.

3/22Post 002 IN WHICH Toshi Nakamura continues his coded grant proposals.

3/24Post 003 IN WHICH Toshi Nakamura writes up his initial analysis of The Revenant.

3/25Therefore Put on the Full Armor of God IN WHICH Peter Radcliffe resolves “not to bring peace, but to bring the sword.”

3/27 The Gnostic Dialogues IN WHICH Peter Radcliffe reflects on the consequences of Dylan’s deal with Lilith Thorn.

3/28Post 004 IN WHICH Toshi Nakamura discusses Dylan and his fetch.

3/29 Man’s Inhumanity to… Man? IN WHICH Dylan’s mind wanders during his vivisection, and he is saved by The Lily Amongst the Thorns.

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Just as you start up your car you catch a man speaking in a monotone, scholarly fashion: "It appears that Shaggy is back in Philadelphia and he does not seem happy. My research indicates that he is definitely looking for someone, its been a while since he has been heard from in the area. This has been Doc Phene with your weather forecast for the month of April. A smooth male voice picks up the signal, “Keep your dial pointed to 1337AM for more on the occurrences all over the city tomorrow night, as every night. And as the sun sets over the City of Brotherly Love; this is Radio RVLT After Dark, and we’re locking down for the night. We’ll catch you tomorrow at 6 after 7 in the AM and be with you until 12 after the same hour in the PM. I’m Gumshoe Grimm reminding you to stay vigilant, Philly; and carry the candle bravely into the shadows. Revolution, is coming.” The voice fades to music which accompanies you through the rest of your drive.

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